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Piano Moving in New York

We Move Pianos & Organs To and From New York
Interstate Service Only for New York

Maryland mapBoth our Regional and Long Distance Service Areas intersect New York State. Regional Service, with a minimum of 7 days advance notice, is available in New York City, Long Island, West Chester and Rockland counties. Long Distance scheduling depends upon available dates, nevertheless, your move will be scheduled as soon as possible with attempts to complete the move within 45 days.

Understanding Regional & Long Distance Services

Our Premium Regional Service provides bi-weekly to weekly service within a 100 mile radius of Philadelphia. Pricing depends upon several factors, including type of instrument to be moved. State and County service is available with a minimum of 7 or more days notice.

Pickup or Delivery within these areas:

  • PA (all counties outside of local area, Western half of the state)
  • NJ (all Counties outside local area)
  • DE (the entire state)
  • MD (the entire state; Interstate service only)
  • NY (NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, and Rockland counties; Interstate service only)

The following question will help determine if your move is within our Regional Service Area:

  • Is your Pickup or Delivery location within New York City, Long Island, Westchester or Rockland counties, and is the corresponding Pickup or Delivery location within Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Deleware, Maryland or the District of Columbia?

If your answer is 'yes' then your move will be within our Regional Service Area. If your answer is 'no' then your move is considered Long Distance.


Free Online Piano Moving & Storage Estimates

Join our website to view up-to-the-minute pricing and discount information for our piano moving and piano storage services, and to generate moving estimates online at no charge with our exclusive Piano Moving Estimates Wizard.


Question: What is the difference between interstate and intrastate service?

Answer: Interstate service is from one state (pickup) to another state (delivery). Intrastate service is where pickup and delivery are both within the same state.

Due to our licensing restrictions, the entire state of New York is interstate service only. This means that O'Mara Meehan cannot pickup an item in New York and then deliver that same item to a location in New York.

Open Advanced Schedule Option

For our customers who don't require a specific pick up or delivery date, we offer a very cost effective Open Advance Schedule. You can save up to 20% with this package, although some restrictions apply (25% deposit must be paid within 5 days of scheduling, applies to local and regional moves only -- we attempt to complete the move within 45 days, but there is no guarantee).

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